Flipping Death – Review

Flipping Death has a gorgeous art style, some solid voice acting, a mostly successful take on updating the gameplay vocabulary of the old adventure games I grew up with, and it made me genuinely laugh several times. Hell, even despite feeling worn out with the game when I finished it - I still had enough... Continue Reading →

A Way Out – bored thoughts

You ever read a book, or watch a movie, or play a game that you've been enjoying so far, but then the ending comes along and just completely ruins everything that came before? That, in short, was my experience with A Way Out. A co-op focused game that I was having a lot of fun... Continue Reading →

God of War : bored beginnings

God of War is back after a several year absence from the gaming landscape and with it's return, a wave of critical praise. In fact the praise critics lauded the game with bordered on the absurd - crossing into near hysterics and a level of hyperbole I've not seen in some time. This weirdly had... Continue Reading →


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