IO Interloper – Indie Intermission

I love that this game completely lived up to my expectations. I found it randomly going through and seeing what could catch my eye — and when I found this one I had a feeling it was going to be something special.

But I had to get the previous weeks video on Wolfenstein 2 put together, then had other real life obligations. It was several days between finding IO Interloper, and having a few hours clear to sit and record my play through. That entire time it hung out in the back of my mind as a likely candidate for the next Indie Intermission. My patience as rewarded as I knew it was definitely going to be the next Indie Intermission after 5 minutes with it.

Something I didn’t really go into in the video, due to time constraints, is that this is a student project. Which blows my mind. In starting this series I’ve played a LOT of short ‘unfinished’ indie games – which range wildly in quality. And here we have a student project which is not only a complete experience – not ending unexpectedly in the middle of the level – and it’s so well polished.

I have some gripes – but they are so small compared to the overall level of quality on display, and considering just how much fun I had going through this title, they are more nitpicks than anything else.

Highly recommended.

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