13 Gates – An Indie Intermission

Shortly after starting this whole ‘bored thoughts’ project, I was hit with the realization that creating a 6-10 minute long video around a major AAA release every week was going to require a lot more time than I was willing to give it. I had a backlog of titles I’d already played through, and that I wanted to talk about so for the first handful of videos went smoothly. As soon as I burnt through those though I started to run up against that wall. I tried my hand at some ‘Let’s Play’ content, but after a fun two or three episodes, that turned into a lot more dead air than I was happy with.

I had hoped to, (and still might get to), a video on Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. And I’ve got a piece in mind for Fallout 4 of all things that I’m actively working on. But both of those were going to take time to put together and I still wanted something smaller out the door. The problem was, I felt like this something smaller needed a new wrapper around it. The ‘bored thoughts’ name would be for larger AAA titles, and this other thing would be for smaller indie titles I’d cover.

And so the last month has been spent trying to find that wrapper for this new project. I actually even got a package built out for it – a neat little throwback to Drive In Theater Intermissions. But, when plopping the actual content of the piece I’d written in between that style, it was obvious it wasn’t working.

So after all that time spent trying to figure out something new… I ended up right where I started. With just slapping a subtitle on the existing intro and calling it a day. It feels right honestly. The content, and way I am approaching these titles hasn’t changed from the AAA titles – and so it still feels like a ‘bored thought’ to me.

That was four paragraphs to say basically – I’ve got a new video after month away, it’s about a small indie title called 13 Gates, and it was a lot of fun.

You can find 13 Gates at a ‘name your own price’ point on itch.io here:



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