Just Shapes & Beats – bored thougts

Something a little different this week. Instead of talking about a major release from a large publisher, we are taking a look at an indie game from a developer I’ve never heard of. In fact, I had not even heard of the game Just Shapes & Beats until three days before it’s released. But once I saw the trailer, and heard the music, I knew I had to check it out. Let’s see what I thought…

So yeah, I kind of loved it.

It’s a game that’s weird enough that I can’t recommend it without reservation, but that I enjoyed so much that I can’t recommend it enough if it looked at all interesting to you. Coming right at the half way point of the year it also had me thinking about what my favorite experiences of the year have been so far, and I’m fairly confident that this whole game will show up later on.

Now to drop back in for some more multiplayer matches!

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