God of War – It’s Fine! – bored thoughts

After a small break, we are back with the next proper Bored Thoughts video on 2018’s God of War. A game I found perfect…ly fine. Honestly, it’s fine! I enjoyed it! It just wasn’t something that blew me away like it seemed to do for almost every professional critic. I get into a bit about why I think that is, and just why I think the game is fine – not terrible, but not great either – in this weeks video.

This video was difficult to write, both in trying to come to terms with the disconnect between what I was feeling and how much praise the game received. I wanted to address this in the video, but it required me to actually puzzle out a reasoning for that disconnect. I have respect for the people on that side of the equation, and didn’t want to throw them under the bus just because we didn’t end up at the same conclusion. Thankfully I was reminded of BioShock Infinite and how it too received almost universal praise before release to be followed up in the weeks and months afterwards with less than kind re-appraisals.

The other problem was trying to talk about something being just ok/fine and make that interesting to the person listening/watching. I hope I accomplished this well enough, with visual examples and some attempt at vocal performance in my delivery – but I’m open to feedback on this front.

Finally, if you’ve been enjoying the House Flipper videos I’ve been posting to the YouTube channel – but that I’ve been terrible to mention here – then don’t worry as those will continue to come every Monday and Friday for the foreseeable future. With the odd Wednesday release being possible as well, if I need more time to put together one of these proper bored thoughts videos.



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