House Flipper – “Click and Hold” – bored thoughts live

Well, I know what the next proper bored thoughts video is going to be but I know also know it won’t be ready by next Wednesday. To be honest, even getting the Destiny 2: Warmind video wrapped up was a rush job. I’ve had a few things pop up this last week or so both with home and work life which has meant my video editing time has gotten smaller, which has also impacted my ability to wrap up the last bits on the next game I want to talk about, which has then delayed my ability to coherently form my thoughts.

And so here were are. I didn’t want to let this nascent channel flounder without content for a week or two while I get everything together, so I’m trying my hand at the whole ‘Let’s Play’ gig.

To be honest? This was a lot of fun. Hopefully that comes through for those of you who check this out. I know I was still chuckling at the wonderfully weird way you interact with this world when I re-watched this a couple time to make sure it flowed OK.

Since these are shorter and easier to make, and honestly because I am having so much fun playing the game, I figure these can be pumped out a little quicker with a tentative Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule to begin with. Once I get the next proper bored thoughts video done, I’ll have to revisit how/when I want to release it.

Until we get to that point though, I’ll keep mopping my stove for everyone to watch.

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