Destiny 2 Warmind : We Used To Be Friends

A bit later in the day than normal, but it’s another Wednesday so it’s another bored thoughts video. This week, we’re covering Destiny 2‘s second expansion Warmind.

I know Sea of Thieves was the title that finally broke the damn and started me down this hobby of little videos, but Destiny 2 was a real close contender to me starting this project months earlier. The release of Destiny 2 could not have been more opposite of what I expected if they had tried. As mentioned several times now, I had sunk a ridiculous amount of time into the original Destiny, and I was actually eagerly looking forward to doing the same for Destiny 2. The fact that I burnt out on it in just a few weeks was a little heartbreaking to me to be honest.

But I remain ever the optimist, and I clearly recalled how janky and weird the original Destiny was when it first released, so I had hoped that with each subsequent expansion for Destiny 2 that the title might make a turn around.

However, it was not without some trepidation that I dipped back in on this game, knowing full well just how deep down the rabbit hole I could go. I was a bit worried that I’d find myself spending another hundred hours with this title alone and  not play anything else. I’ve done this before, obviously with Destiny, but also with the first few years of World of Warcraft where it was all that I played. While there is something to be said for loosing ones self in a world, and that a title could provide so much gameplay – I enjoy playing other things. And when I finally did stop playing both of those games, it was shocking to see all the great things I’d missed because those titles had my complete attention.

Thankfully, I’ve found the Warmind expansion to be fun, and to thankfully be on the right trajectory – but too small a package to really warrant doing a deep dive on. But I am looking forward to seeing what September will bring.

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