Far Cry 5 – Learning to be Loud

Far Cry 5 was not a game I planned on talking about. So much so, that I didn’t record hardly any of the first 30+ hours I spent with it. In fact, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d even finish Far Cry 5 as I was bouncing so hard off the poor stealth mechanics. But, as I started to just power through it to get to the ending –  going guns blazing – was when it became the most fun.

Suddenly, I had an idea for something to talk about here. The problem? Most of the topic was going to be discussing things I hadn’t actually recorded. Lesson learned on my end – always record what you are playing when you are putting out video content. Instead, I had to double back and capture new footage that approximated my earlier experiences.

This experience of not planning on having anything to say – then finding something I wanted to say and having to conjure up footage has me feeling weird about this particular release. It’s not that I think the video is bad – more that it is just kind of there. I raise some issues I have with the stealth in Far Cry 5, with footage that kind of gets at what I was saying but isn’t as connected as I normally strive for. Then it just kind of ends with me realizing I was “playing it wrong”.

Still, I think it’s interesting to explore a bit about how my first impulse to always play stealth if it’s an option might have been limiting me from fun in other games. Something I’m noticing as I make more of these videos is that there is a through line of expecting one thing, and getting something different.

Sea of Thieves – I thought doing away with the vertical progression was going to lead to a game I’d get lost in.  Turns out, it just led to a worse grind.

Call of Duty – I thought it was going to be over the top and filled with dudebros with a multiplayer I’d barely play. Instead it’s my go-to game now. And it makes me wonder if I’ve been missing out on good times in other Call of Duty games.

And Far Cry 5 – I’d always played these games as stealth puzzle boxes, and when 5 didn’t deliver on that experience I was really turned off. Trying something new ended up showing me what fun could be had in the game, and made me wonder about if I’ve been missing out on always being so steadfast about playing stealth.

This kind of learning moment has been the best part of putting these together for me. It’s incredibly self indulgent, but then again, I’m not expecting to make a career out of these things. It’s a hobby for me – and if I gain some personal reflection out of the deal… all the better.


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