Sea of Thieves : bored thoughts

For most of my adult life, I’ve been told I have a voice that should be on the radio, and that I should be using my voice for something. Given that my job is in sales, meaning I talk to different people on a daily basis, I hear this about my voice almost weekly.

So, it’s more than a little weird that what started as a poorly explained, and long winded written rant about Sea of Thieves online, was the thing to push me over the edge towards finally taking that advice and creating this:

There are some points from that original rant that didn’t make it into the video above, namely how repetitive and samey all the faction quests get. What you are doing at level one for the Gold Hoarders is basically the same thing you are doing at level 50 – just longer. The marketing before the game launched was that the quests would become more complex with new mechanics – and as far as I can tell that’s just not the case. They simply add MORE of the same tasks to the quest as you rank up. Given that some of these quests can already be a slog, it’s another thing turning me off from giving the game more time.

But given that the video above is already over 7 minutes, I figured I’d leave smaller complaints like that for this kind of a blog post.

I’m still going to keep an eye on the game, as my time with the original Destiny has shown me, a game that I enjoy playing can over time and through numerous patches and expansions address a lot of the faults and issues I have with a game’s overall structure. I’m less sure Sea of Thieves will be able to course correct enough though, because while I am able to have fun, I never had such an issue with the core of Destiny as I do with Sea of Thieves.


Time will tell, and if they can, no one will be happier than I am to be able to spend more time out on the seas.

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